where choose original oki perfect 5054a odis 5.1.3 full software ?

Perfect VAS 5054A ODIS latest version V5.1.3 with HDD/SSD is avaliable and contains Engineering:9.0.4 ETKA :8.1 ELSAWIN: 6.0. 5054a ODIS with Bluetooth AMB2300 is so called perfect version original plan 1: 1 design vas bluetooth adapter. xingobd2 ebay store perfect 5054a with buzzer start is support for VW, for AUDI, for SEAT, for Skoda, for Lamborghini, for MAN, for VW Nutzfahrzeunge (Commercial vehicles), for Bugatti and for Bentley ).
Perfect VAS 5054A with OKI VAS5054A AMB2300 BT Support UDS Protocol



What difference between VAS5054 original oki A quality and B quality :
1. A quality Original OKI is with M6636 + two index mark in OKI chip module, B quality is with M6636B , no two index mark
2. From some customer’s feedback, A quality Original OKI performance is better than B quality

What difference between VAS5054 original oki and VAS5054 normal oki :
1. Original OKI version PCB is 1:1 designed as Original PCB of VAS5054A, So original oki is better than Normal OKI.
2. Original OKI Version add Bluetooth AMB2300 , Normal OKI Version is normal bluetooth module .
3. Original OKI version VAS 5054A is carton box package , normal oki version is plastic Box package .
( Both version are good quality, my suggestion is if you do not care pay more few dollars, you can choose original oki, if you care price, you can choose normal oki, it is also good quality !)



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