VVDI Mini Key Tool Full Authorization: Done!

Look here: What can you do with VVDI Mini Keytool with all functions activated?

VVDI Mini Keytool FULL Authorization: Done!

AI – Car remote type                                                    Already activated

AI – Key blade type                                                       Already activated

AI – PIN code                                                                 Already activated

Remote – Vehicle remote                                             Already activated

Remote – Garage remote                                             Already activated

Remote -Proximity remote                                         Already activated

Generate transponder – 7935/ 46/ 4D/ 48/ 8C     Already activated

Generate transponder -Toyota H (8A)                    Already activated

Transponder clone – ID48 (96 bits)                        Already activated

Transponder clone – ID46                                        Already activated

Transponder clone – ID4D                                       Already activated

Transponder clone – ID4E                                       Already activated

Transponder clone – ID70/ 83                               Already activated

Transponder clone – ID11/ 12/ 13/ 4C/ 8C          Already activated

Transponder clone – Toyota/ Daihatsu G            Already activated

Transponder clone – Toyota H (8A)                     Already activated

Transponder clone – ID33 /42                              Already activated

Transponder edit – 11/12/13/4C                          Already activated

Transponder edit – 46/ 47/ 48/ 4D/ 4E            Already activated

Remote clone – Fix code                                       Already activated

Remote clone – Rolling code                               Already activated

Remote clone – make new                                   Already activated

Detect remote frequence                                     Already activated

Set type of VVDI super transponder                Already activated

VVDI Special TP                                                  Already activated

Special 4D to 4C                                                  Already activated

Unlock Toyota smartkey                                   Already activated

ID63 to ID83                                                       Already activated

Hyundai/ KIA PIN code                                   Already activated

Copy BYD smart key                                         Already activated

Detect ignition coil signal                                Already activated

Online technical support                               Already activated

Technical center                                             Already activated

Video center                                                      Already activated

History                                                               Already activated




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