Latest 18.9 vcds hex can usb vagcom newer version V18.9 online updatable released

xingobd2 new released v18.9 vagcom vcds vag diagnostic interface. Vagcom hex can usb is our online updatable version from Vagcom 18.2.1 HEX CAN USB Interface. VAG COM 18.9.0 cable VCDS 17.8.1 online update version support for 16 multilanguage.

VAG COM 18.9.0 Features:
1. The product can use the official software and update online, so you can always get the newest software version( VAG COM 18.9.0 french already update, other version is 18.2 or 17.8.1 ).
2. You can get access to Internet when using this product and not easy be locked.
3. This product can support long coding,fast scanning fuctions.
4. It supports 16 Languages.( Support 16 languages, including of Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Czech, polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenia, Romania.)
5. It supports Firmware update online ( not NEC project), always the newest version.
Vagcom 18.9 HEX CAN USB Interface VCDS 18.9 online update version 16 multilanguage

VCDS 18.9.0 online updatable cable Multilanguage including:
EN English 18.9
ITT Italian 18.2.1
PTT Portuguese 18.2.1
DE German 18.9.0
ROJ romanian 18.9.0
FRM French 18.9
NEZ Danish 18.9.0
AER Sweden 18.2.1
HGJ Hungarian 18.9.0
CN Chinese 18.9.0
EST Spanish 18.9.0
AKP polish 18.2.1
RUS Russian: Выпуск 18.2.1
Dutch, Czech,Slovenia…
xingobd2 provide Stable and effective VAG COM 18.9.0 update online version, you can save a lot of money.  China  Automotive Diagnostic Tools Car Key Programmer OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool Center.


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