CAR FANS C800 and Volvo Buses, Trucks and Cars: Confirmed!

Any good device support Volvo bus, truck and passenger car? Thanks in advance.

Reply: Have a try with CAR FANS C800 diesel diagnostic tool. It’s designed for and good at bus and heavy duty truck diagnostic, incl. Identification Read Fault code, Erase Fault code, Actual Values, Actuators and Special Functions like Adjustment / Settings, Function Test, Special Function, Calibration etc.

This is CAR FANS C800

And this is CAR FANS C800 Volvo Car List

Vehicle info.ECU info.Functions

BrandECU group IdentificationRead MemoryErase MemoryActual valuesActuatorsspecial functionsCommentsvolvoEngine systemEnginesystem(MID:128)√√√√

Volvo Tea_v2√√√√√√

Fuel injector flashVolvo Tea_v3√√√√√√

Fuel injector flashEC140B(engineering machinery)√√√√√√

DEUTZ Unit Pump(engineering machinery)√√√√√√

ATVolvo Tea_v3√√√√

Volvo Tea_v2√√√√

ABS systemVolvo Tea_v3√√√√    √√√√

CBCUsystemcruise control system(MID:144)√√√√

cruise control systemcruise control system√√√√

air suspension system(MID:150)√√√√

air suspension systemair suspension system√√√√

lighting system(MID:216)√√√√

lightingsystemlighting system√√√√

CBCU system(MID:249)√√√√

CBCU systemCBCU system√√√     √√√√

post-processing system √√√√

information display system √√√√


Download: car-fans-c800-diagnostic-heavy-duty-scan-tool-coverage-list

Reference: TEA: Truck Electronic Architecture

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