Notice for KTM flash ECU Programmer !

KTM flash ECU Programmer Manual

The KTM flash can read chip data, read and write ECU data, read transmission data, etc. at high speed.

KTM flash functions:
1. Read the Chinese car via OBD.
3. Read the BOOT mode according to the chip model
4. Read the password of the encrypted ECU (read the password of the encrypted ECU first, then read the data)
5. Support cars made in China with ME17 TC1728 / 1767 for reading and writing data and reading password.

KTM Flash ECU Programmer Manual:
1. you can only use our software
2. Do not have software like flash ECU installed in the computer. If the computer already install this similar software, you have to change another computer or reinstall the windows system, and then install our software by following the video. Otherwise, interface will be blocked.

3. There is software and test video on our dvd, it can help you.
4. KTM flash can read Infineon ecu and gearbox (transmission) ecu.

5. When we read Infineon encrypted or ecu encrypted, we must first read the password file, we have the video to show. If the software displays that turn off the power for 2 seconds, it must be necessary. After 2 seconds, continue on.

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