Article for Vvdi2+Vvdiprog

2X Caddy 2014 all keys lost done with Vvdi2+Vvdiprog

2X Caddy 2014 white color IC,all keys lost done today,service mode solution.VVDI2 +Vvdiprog.they are for retrofiting golf5.

Working Good.

Question is For retrofit you did immo off ? As cs bytes is different.

The answer is : No need immo off.Just code adapt immo data correctly.

Immo off. EDC16 has 7 Bytes CS

Uds dash 2014 has 12 Bytes CS.

Where is the point for immo off ? All can be made to work properly.

Thats 2016 Scirocco clocks fitted in 2007 MK5.


Question is : right now i have only normal gateway on table. On car i have uds gateway fitted.

And then it remains the problem of EPB.I would like to know how.

Guide: Copy immo data manually,make new transponders after you done and that’s it.

And I am using 2005 can gateway on my bench so don’t bother about what when you testing it .

Then follow another question:


Ecu- CS – D5003A025403

How do you copy that ?

Guide: You just copy bytes on the front.Leave all after 7th ntouched.

VVDI2+Vvdiprog on sale:


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