Where to get HQ Original Plan 17.8 Atmega Real Vag HEX V2 full active HEX-V2 USB Interface

Original Plan 17.8 Real Vag HEX V2 USB Interface is atmega project including ATMEGA162 + FT232RQ + 9241 + 16V8B +ATA6561…VAG HEX V2 better than vagcom vcds cable with Dual 9241 chip ensures K-line communication stability. 17.8 HEX V2 USB interface from xingobd2 support long coding and full function not shit quality from other factory.
ATMEGA VAG HEX-V2 Vag 17.8 USB interface VCDS HEX V2 full actived For VW Audi Seat Skoda

Why most customer choose xingobd2.com hex v2 diagnostic cable?
1. Four-layer circuit board, high quality Components
2. VAG/VCDS HEX-V2 with FT232RQ + 16V8B + ATMEGA162
3. Dual 9241 chip ensures K-line communication stability
4. xingobd2.com Exclusive CAN-FD (5M) , VAG/VCDS HEX-V2 support 5M baud rate communication
5. VAG HEX V2 support multilanguage including English 17.8, German 17.8, romanian, 17.8, French 17.8, Sweden 17.8, Danish 17.8, Hungarian 17.8, Chinese 17.1.3, Italian 17.1.3, Spanish 17.1.3, AKP polish 17.1.3, RUS Russian 17.1.3, PTT Portuguese 17.1.3
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Xingobd2 term
Email : admin@xingobd2.com
Skype : +8613728952674
Whatsapp : 0086 18124509953
Website : http://www.xingobd2.com


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